Riddex Septic Cleaner - Bacteria and Enzyme Action

Riddex septic cleaner contains enzymes and bacteria that help your tank work properly. The septic system consists primarily of a tank and a waste water absorption field. The tank’s job is to trap scum (oils, fats, any floating solid) and sludge (sinking solids). The scum floats; the sludge settles to the bottom; but, the effluent (water free of solids) passes through the outlet tee, a pipe below the scum layer that allows water but not scum to pass through.

Retention Time
An important factor in septic tanks is retention time, or the time waste remains in the tank before exiting to the absorption field. The tank must have the capacity to allow enough retention time for scum and sludge to separate from the water; if the retention time is to low, the solids will pass through the outlet tee and clog the pipes and soil of the absorption field (a $10,000+ nightmare).

You can probably already see the issue…As sludge builds up on the bottom of the tank, the space inside the tank gets smaller, reducing the retention time and eventually leading to the need to pump the tank. Fortunately, tanks only need to be pumped every 5 years or so because bacteria continually breakdown the sludge. Sometimes, the bacteria are efficient enough to keep a tank working for 10 years or more without pumping, but it’s much better to spend the $200 or so every five years to avoid a $10,000+ bill and major hassle.

Restoring Helpful Bacteria
If you accidentally put a chemical that kills bacteria, like bleach, down the drain, or you just want some extra assurance that your septic tank is working properly, that’s where Riddex cleaner helps. Riddex contains billions of bacteria to help restore and strengthen the bacterial colony that breaks down sludge; in addition, it contains cellulase, lipase, protease, and amylase. These enzymes break down vegetable material, oils, proteins, and starches, respectively, making them easier for the bacteria to digest.

Riddex Septic Cleaner

How to Use
Riddex can be poured in the drain or flushed down the toilet, while the gelpac should be flushed down any toilet in the house. It’s best to use at night, giving the bacteria time to settle to the bottom and reducing the risk of flushing them out of the tank. The enzymes begin to work immediately, while the bacteria take around 3 hours to become active and about 4 days to multiply to the highest level possible.

Riddex Septic Cleaner Facts

  • The bacteria in Riddex are not harmful to people.
  • The company recommends keeping pets from drinking from the toilet after use.
  • It shouldn’t hurt grass or lawns as long as it’s flushed down the train. The product is not intended to be poured on the ground above the septic tank.
  • Riddex does not unclog pipes.
  • Even with use of this product, it’s critical to pump your tank every 3 to 5 years.

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