Septic Tank Pumping Cost - The Ultimate Guide to Pumping Cost

In regard to septic tank pumping cost, companies give a lot of different price estimates and “guesstimations”. As someone who likes facts and figures, I’ve searched for a website or tool that would provide a list of actual prices in different locations and perhaps averages for each state. Since I couldn’t find one, I decided to create one myself.

The following resource is the result of several weeks worth of work visiting the websites of hundreds of local septic tank pumping companies in every state. Please see the bottom of the page for methods and assumptions. Here [...]

Clogged Septic System - What to Do

The term, “clogged septic system”, is somewhat unclear and could refer to various problems, each with a different solution, so it’s important to understand the exact issue.


A clog in a drain pipe mistaken for an issue with the system Any sort of blockage in the pipe from the house to the tank An overflowing tank that’s “clogged” because it’s making drains sluggish Damage to the tightline, distribution box, or distribution pipe Large amounts of grease and solid particles clogging the distribution pipes and/or soil An overgrown biomat Clay soil bonding and turning into a blockage, known as [...]

Best Septic Tank Treatment - Suggestions

Choosing the best septic tank treatment is a big consideration for homeowners. There hundreds of choices, making it nearly impossible to say which one is the best to use for your system. Even though it might be quite difficult to say that the best one exists, the following information will help you decide.

The septic tank contains a layer of solid waste material called the sludge layer that sinks to the bottom and is stored until it can be pumped. Pumping is so important because the sludge layer will rise over time, and if it rises too high, small bits [...]